Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goals in life change in a moment!...1

You know, when I was twenty four I looked at life very differently. My aim in life was to have a sports car, a pent house in New York by thirty three. I was working hard at it, pulling up all stops that came my way. But then, all of a sudden I met this new co-worker with whom I got talking about our goals and dreams in life. He heard me quietly and when I finished he related his dream, "I dream of being a station master in a small sleepy station where only one train comes in a day....where there is a small boy there who never grows," he said. In a moment my pent house crashed and the brand new sports car that I planned for life just whizzed away. In a moment my life changed. Many who knew me at that age thought I had lost my ambition. But to me I had a new dream. Sometimes getting off the bus and taking a walk is not bad either.  You might think I am a motivational disaster!  But I choose to take the detour...... 

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