Sunday, September 5, 2010

what all began at 90!

When I was in school, a friend stayed at the threshold of her adolescence which means her 13th year for three full years till we refused to accept her age. I have found most women find it difficult to admit how old they are. May be the same applies for men... I am no man ! so I can't give you the exact way a man's mind works. Since, none of us are growing any younger we can only hope that by God's benign justice this entire equation of growing old converts to something like growing young. What if we suddenly woke up to discover we are candles and the longer we stand we are likely to grow younger. What joy!
We would be born, may be ninety years old to much younger parents. Imagine the diapering woes of such huge individuals and the task of rocking them to sleep etc etc etc. Imagine taking the children out in prams and pinching their cheeks and saying oh so sweet!  It would be such an unflattering experience. Oh! and the first prom!
Jokes aside, birthdays are such wonderful milestones they tell, you have not aged but you have lived life! Enjoy every moment of your life.....tell the world that you have lived that much and this far!

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