Monday, June 4, 2012

This year i have been terribly terribly lazy...not a word on board and it's almost mid year. How fast time flies and only yesterday I was young and strapping ( don't laugh..well almost strapping....ok let's settle for young and energetic, Happy?).  Now the little grey roots that keep appearing  on my head which tells me I am not that young anymore. And that back  which creaks slightly every time I  try to get up. It's just a slight creak though.  All those LBDs are not my cup any more. The lovely dresses that hangs on the shop windows on svelte mannequins will not suit me anymore. Sigh! Settle for something more forgiving  for your frame, my head tells me... double sigh! And I thought all the time there is time....but suddenly realise when did all the time pass? ( To be contd;)

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