Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boys will be boys

This morning I was taking my children to school...on the way my nine years old daughter saw a picture of a Japanese girl and expressed her desire to draw it. My son, six years old, tells her, " Edom thik kore akish kintu."( draw it properly). My daughter is already looking a little indignant.  I suspect a squabble brewing and tell him, "you also can draw it." He says, " Nah! I'll draw and excavator and hmmm a zoo."  .... boys will be boy I was about to think when my son asks, "and what was that?"
" What was what?" I ask.
" Thaaaat," he says again. I look out of the window and try to spot a bird or a tree. "You have to explain to me how it looks so that i can tell you," I tell him.
He just points at the road see through the windscreen, "That," he says pointing at the striped little upheaval on the road ahead, " Oh!" I say with a smile,"that's a speed breaker."
"So, tt could be one bump, or two bumps or three bumps or 5 bumps or 10 bumps," he was babbling to himself I thought.
" So when does a speed breaker become a rumble strip?"
" What's a rumble strip?" I am actually clueless.
" When there are five or more speed breakers together they become rumble strip."
Is it? It's their mom's turn to learn now.... boys and their interests!!!!!!!

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